Quality System

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Quality System

Company quality management system process, with the company's quality policy as the main line, through the principle of decomposition, the implementation and adjustment, to meet customer and stakeholder requirements for the purpose, the process of quality management for the product realization process is standardized control, implementation process monitoring and improvement of quality improvement system.


The establishment of a quality management system through the network of steel production, installation, marketing of the whole process. Focus on the establishment of five acceptance stations, strengthening the process of supervision and control efforts.


Raw materials into the factory: executive test single settlement of the payment system, mobilization of raw materials, executive "warehouse keeper of the early post-mortem - Special Inspector inspection, check audit financial settlement program, from the source to ensure quality component of raw material.


Operation off: company each procedure has strict operating procedures, inspection standards, the evaluation form, manufacturing process abnormalities and data information can be displayed at any time, can have quality problems, at any time to take corrective and preventive measures, to ensure that the entire process from the beginning to the end in a controlled state.


Component factory closed: company set up component factory inspection station, component factory of each test item again to check compliance and quality monitoring of check the components production records, master component factory quality status.


Construction and installation: companies to set up the engineering department, engineering management supervision is responsible for the implementation of the system, stage of acceptance by the project supervision department, implementation of the installation process of quality supervision and control, put an end to death after autopsy phenomenon to ensure project one-time delivery acceptance.


After-sales service off: the company set up a website, after-sales service hotline, and customer advisory telephone, and regularly to the customers pay a return visit, for customers to use the timely establishment of archival filing, after the completion of the project, the on-site service personnel tracking a month, and establish a quality problem tracking card, if quality problems to ensure within 24 hours (up to 500 km) service personnel in place to be addressed.


The performance excellence model as a benchmark, steel companies to gradually push forward the comprehensive quality management work, clear public commitment. In the national industry, steel company took the lead through the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, formulated the "science and technology to enhance strength and talent to create the future, to the quality to open up the market, service to win customers," the quality policy and "disposable products examination qualified rate is above 99%; keep more than 80% of customer satisfaction; customer complaint effective treatment rate of 100% commitment to quality, and the skills and cultural training for all employees, enhance the quality consciousness of the whole, truly take the customer as the focus, effectively ensure the sustainable development of the company.


[quality concept] elaborate design fine production lean construction.


[quality policy] with the strength of scientific and technological strength to create the future with the quality to open up the market to serve customers.


Quality System

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Quality System

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Quality System

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Quality System

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Quality System

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Quality System

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Quality System

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