Registration Notice

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Registration Notice

2018 college graduates notice


Fellow students:
  Hello! First of all, congratulations on your upcoming membership in Zhongtong Steel, so that you will step into the society and enter a new environment of continuous learning and development. I hope that the students will dance the passion of youth here and bloom the wisdom of wisdom! In order for you to report smoothly, we are ready. We will inform you of the notices you have reported as follows:


One. Registration time: July 17th, 2018 (Friday) 8:30-16:00
  Please arrange the time for leaving school, going home, and reporting in advance to avoid delays in reporting. Please be careful not to delay the registration in advance; if you cannot arrive at the specified time, please contact us in advance.


Second, the registration location and the route
  1. Registration location
  Human Resources Department of Zhongtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd., No. 176 Xinnanhuan Road, Liaocheng, Shandong
  2. Getting there
  1 train station departure
  Bus: 2 Road 6 Road to 436 Road Zhongao Blanket Station Get off Taxi: about 20 yuan
  2 long-distance bus station departure
  Bus: 436 Road, Zhongao Blanket Station, get off Taxi: about 19 yuan
  For graduates from other provinces and cities, please contact the Human Resources Department 2 days before the registration to determine the approximate registration time and the way to get the bus so that the company can arrange the pick-up. The county and city graduates report directly to the company and no longer arrange to pick up the station.


Third, you need to be prepared when you register
  1. One copy of the graduation certificate, degree certificate, ID card, English grade certificate and one copy;
  2. A recent one-inch bareheaded photo of 8 photos and two 2-inch photographs;
  3. Registration card, account migration permit (according to individual wishes);
  4. Prepare 1-2 months of living expenses and pocket money.


4. Transfer of archives, accounts and party organizations
  1. file
  Address: No. 176, Xinnanhuan Road, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province Zhongtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Human   Resources Department
  Zip code: 252000
  Contact number: 0635-2126650
  2. Account
  Account migration can also be based on individual circumstances, choose the appropriate immigration address, the   company does not make mandatory requirements.
  3. Party organization relationship
  Not accepted, and will be transferred after the formal signing of the labor contract.


V. Overall arrangement
  Confirmation of identity → Accommodation application → check-in (paying the deposit of 300 yuan) → physical examination (8:00 on July 18) → check-in (carrying documents) → start induction training (July 20).


Six, warm tips
  1. Item consignment
  If the item is not convenient to carry, it can be sent to the company in advance by consignment, postal delivery, etc., and the company will pick it up when you mail it, so please write your name clearly to avoid confusion.
  2. Bill saving
  Tickets for arrival should be properly kept for reimbursement.
  3. daily supplies
  Please bring your daily necessities such as clothing, bedding, and toiletries.
  4. schedule
  After the report, the company will conduct a two-week induction training for you as planned.


Seven, contact information
  Contact number: 0635-2126650
  Company website:
  Address: Human Resources Department, Zhongtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd., No. 176, Xinnanhuan Road, Liaocheng,   Shandong (Zip code: 252000)