Technology Center

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Technology Center

Steel technology center, under the Ministry of technology and Design Institute, with issued by the Ministry of housing and urban and rural construction of steel structure engineering design qualification, mainly undertakes the light steel and heavy steel, frame, truss, truss and beam string structure design, consulting, and steel structure deepening design, has a strong professional and technical skills, skilled use of steel structure of professional software, it can finish all kinds of complex engineering better independent.


Have a strong technical team, technical center is existing staff of 80 people, senior engineer 20 people, 12 first class registered structural engineers and 4 first class registered architects, 8 second class registered structural engineers, registered construction division two, secondary registered construction division five graduate students 6 people.


In the Steel Design Institute of Tongji University, Tianjin University, Shandong University, Shandong Jianzhu University Colleges and universities to establish a long-term strategic cooperative relations. With design and analysis software PKPM 3D3S, ANSYS, South Korea Midas gen, Revit, steel structure deepening design software TEKLA, strucad; Typesetting data software AutoNEST, Fastcam; pipe truss design software stcad; building information model (BIM) software NavisWorks manage, Revit architecture and several sets of to the full realization of the computerization of operations. To get results and more than 30 patents.


Since the beginning of 2006, the company gradually by the 2D CAD deepen to TEKLA three-dimensional deepening design conversion, currently used TEKLA three-dimensional deepening design software already 9 years old, participated in the TEKLA annual meeting, and make an important report at the annual meeting. Show our company to deepen the design of the product. In 2009, in the TEKLA model competition, won the international top 10 good results. 2010, we have to deepen the design of the product was nominated, and achieved good results.


The deepening of the design scope includes a frame structure, bridge structure, steel reinforced concrete composite structure and space truss and truss structure, complete with all the complex structure of deepen design ability.


The designer by reading the drawings, create 3D building information model, automatic generation of steel structure detail and various statements and. Because of the drawings and reports are subject to the model, the operator in the 3D modeling process can accurate positioning section and member node connection position, which is very good ensures the structural details of steel in the deepening of the correctness of the design process, reached the perfect combination of architectural design and structural design of the. Auto-nest-fx typeset material mainly adopts the can automatically generate the cutting process and report, and automatic calculation of each parts of materials and waste percentage and weight, thus greatly reduced manual operation time. The operator can analyze the data to improve the utilization of the material, and make the utilization rate of the board reach the best in different conditions.


Typesetting cutting software Sigmanest and AutoNest can automatically generate the cutting process and report, and automatically report each parts use of materials and waste percentage and weight, greatly reduce the manual operations, improve material utilization ratio and improving project management ability, under different manufacturing conditions in the plate material utilization rate reached the maximum.