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Jiang Fengchao has been on the road—Jing Fengchao, Project Manager of Esegima Industrial Park
Open the world map and locate the northeast of Africa - Ethiopia. With the continuous extension of the “Belt and Road” African route, Ethiopia, known as the “African Roof”, has ignited the Chinese style.
Fighting hard, party members, pioneers, writing and attacking
On December 17, Zhang Bo, the secretary of the marketing party branch, received a task to go to the Inner Mongolia project site to handle the folding and coding acceptance of the drawings to ensure that the owners would pay our construction funds as soon as possible.
During the National Day, I firmly adhered to the first line of the post.
The National Day is a day of national celebration. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a day of family reunion. The holiday is also a time for people to relax.
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