Production System

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Production System

Production Base: We now have a technology center, two processing plants and a nuclear power plant, cover an area of about 600,000m2, can design, make and install 150,000 tons of various types of building steel structures per year and boast an annual production and construction capacity of 6 million m2 of sheet materials.


Manufacture Range: Five architectural systems including heavy and super-high-rise steel structure (super high-rises, bridges, etc.), new energy chemical steel structure, space steel structure, special steel structure (high rack warehouse, etc.), industrial plant steel structure; especially have unique processing advantages in term of nuclear power steel structures.


Manufacturing Qualifications: Gradually spread the management philosophy of lean production in the manufacturing factory, obtain the professional class-A steel structure contracting qualification, class-A special steel structure design qualification and special steel structure manufacturing qualification.


Personnel Strength: The number of technical personnel engaged in the processional processing and manufacturing of steel structure in the manufacturing plant reaches 800 or more. On the basis of our professional processing and manufacturing management and under the technical support of a powerful expert consultant team, we have played a significant role in the steel structure projects of urchin complexes, coal chemical industry, nuclear power, etc.


Manufacturing Equipment: We have introduced edge milling machines, BOX assembling machines, gantry automatic welders (imported Lincoln equipment), electroslag welders, end milling machines, CNC flame cutting machines, CNC plasma cutting machines, ZLJ-15 (Z15) assembling machines, single-arm automatic welders (imported Lincoln equipment), HKJ-600 flange plate leveling machines, 3D CNC drilling machines, BS1000 band saws, locking machines, PD CNC plane drilling machines, 500-ton oil hydraulic machines, CNC plasma intersection intersecting line cutting machines, large mechanical pipe-bending machines, shot blasting machines, etc. from American Lincoln, Jiangsu Yangtong, Fayin CNC and other domestic and foreign advanced equipment factories. First-class architectural steel structure manufacturing equipment strictly ensures quality of each process and forms a first-class professional and large-scale production line.


Manufacturing Process: In real work, we constantly make innovation in our technology. Through lots of engineering practice and repeated scientific verifications, we have completely mastered such technologies as thick plate (100mm) welding technology, thick plate narrow gap welding technology, variable section manufacturing technology, special node positioning technology, thick and thin-wall box-shaped sectional structure processing technology, super-large special-shaped box manufacturing technology, large-span space truss manufacturing technology, all-side electroslag welding workmanship, and other cutting-edge processing and manufacturing technologies. Thanks to advanced manufacturing technologies and a pioneered innovation spirit, we can ensure the quality of each process strictly.