Fighting hard, party members, pioneers, writing and attacking

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Fighting hard, party members, pioneers, writing and attacking

On December 17, Zhang Bo, the secretary of the marketing party branch, received a task to go to the Inner Mongolia project site to handle the folding and coding acceptance of the drawings to ensure that the owners would pay our construction funds as soon as possible.

Smell the wind and move to the front line

On December 17, Zhang Bo, the secretary of the marketing party branch, received a task to go to the Inner Mongolia project site to handle the folding and coding acceptance of the drawings to ensure that the owners would pay our construction funds as soon as possible. Zhang Bo, who is also the deputy director of the business contract department, quickly arranged the work on hand to arrange division of labor, docked with the department,  coordinated Wang Xiancun, Li Weizhen, Duan Hongbin, and the four people went to the Ordos project site on December 20.


The sharpness of the marketing staff is no less than the surgeon's grasp of the best timing for surgery. Secretary Zhang Bo, who has worked in the business contract department for many years, knows this. The line is to seize the opportunity,  respect the customer and maintain the company's image; and how to move, for a short period of two days to analyze and prepare for future work, Zhang Bo has a well-thought-out.


Wind and rain come to see the move

On the morning of December 22, Zhang Bo visited the owner of the Inner Mongolia project the first time after his arrival. Through the docking, the huge workload and work difficulties were exposed.


The signing time of the Inner Mongolia project is at the beginning of 2015. The construction period of this node is the recovery time of the warranty period, and the amount of payment is large. This month, we have reached the quality recovery time node. We originally submitted the detailed information at the end of 2016 according to the requirements of the customer engineering department. However, when we applied for the payment, the customer requested that we file the processing data as required, and the file management department requested The rectification and submission according to the new standard will not be settled without the approval of the file management department and the uploading of the audit system.


Most of the conventional details are in the A3 format, which is directly submitted to the customer for filing or suggesting folding of the archive. This customer request must fold the A3 version into the A4 version (required inside the file box) and fold as required. The customer's file management department needs to check and confirm one by one according to the requirements. The audit is very strict. There is no signature of the person in charge of the file management department, and the project payment cannot be paid.


As the general manager of the site, Zhang Bo, through the preliminary inspection, found that the content of the work on the spot changed a lot. 200 file boxes, 33,000 drawings, tens of thousands of pages of supplementary information, originally only required to provide 200 file boxes of catalog work, but after docking, customers also require catalogs must be line by line, that is, how many pieces of information in the box There must be a number of line directories, which must be read by us! At the same time, it is necessary to install the A4 version of the material, the detailed stacking method must meet the requirements, all the drawings cover the chapter number and number, add the review order by box, the box back material, and submit the electronic version corresponding to the box (the drawing requirements PDF) Versions are merged, and the order is consistent with the paper version.) Uploading to the owner system on a page-by-page basis, the workload is very large.


Although the difficulty of this trip was estimated enough, Zhang Bo was shocked by the workload and difficulty of the scene. Nevertheless, Zhang Bo profoundly understands that the more work is heavy, the more scientific predictions must be made and the traditional methods of work should be transformed. First, calculate the working time. According to the division of labor, the catalogue takes 160 hours, the stacking takes 40 hours, the patch is 220 hours, the stamping number is 200 hours, the A4 line is 40 hours, and the total is about 660 hours. For customers to sign and confirm, self-checking, etc., it takes nearly 4 months for 4 people to complete the paper submission. It is reported that another supplier has invested in a team of 30 people to concentrate on this task. Then, responsibility is taken. Zhang Bo is mainly responsible for one-on-one communication with customers to confirm, sort out ideas, assign tasks, take the lead in implementation, hold regular seminars, analyze and check, and check and check. Again, it is clear that it is difficult. The difficulty of the work is that there are a large number of drawings that need to be stacked, divided into volumes, catalogues for each volume, electronic version of each volume, number of stamps per book, etc. The work is time-consuming and very strict, and it is necessary to make positive copies, catalogues, electronic versions, etc. The consistency of each data is one-to-one comparison and strictly corresponds.


Through the comparison of the task and the calculation, Zhang Bo, who has fought many projects, has a bottom, and a hard battle with quality is about to start, and he will take up the task of this glory. Zhang Boyi is obliged.


Go ahead and go ahead

In order to facilitate communication and create a tense atmosphere, Zhang Bo and his team rented a three-person suite and worked 16 hours a day to grasp and schedule the progress in time.


In order to speed up the work, Zhang Bo decisively hired several temporary workers to carry out some simple tasks such as stacking, stamping, numbering, and binding. The internal staff of the company conducted review, material supplement in the box, electronic version editing, uploading system, etc. The division of labor and the simultaneous operation will save tens of thousands of dollars in expenses from the company and achieve the maximum effect with the least expenditure. The Zhangbo team set the working time at 08:00-24:00, and determined the clear division of responsibilities and work processes. While concentrating on hard work, pay attention to methods and methods, strengthen scheduling, flow operations, and continuously improve work efficiency. In order to improve work efficiency, Zhang Bo played the advantage of branch secretary in ideological and political work, and encouraged everyone to have a lot of good ideas. For example, the numbering bar on the back of the file box is easy to identify, and the fixed part of the file number is engraved in the file number chapter. The upper and the changed parts adopt simple coding machine, drill and bind with electric drill, and prepare verification catalogue for easy division, review and statistics. Zhang Bo has implemented the company's concept of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.


Before the company traveled, Secretary Zhang Bo deliberately took the printer and other equipment from the company to meet the needs of printing, reviewing and modifying the data processing process, avoiding the unnecessary time and cost of printing the agency. It is expected to save the company nearly 10,000 yuan.


Hard work pays off. The owner is fully aware of our work attitude and efficiency, and highly praises the fixed part of the file number on the file number and the simple part of the code. The customer said that this is easier to identify than handwriting. In Zhang Bo's heart, the company can get the project money one day in advance, by handing in qualified materials one day in advance!


On December 30, the Zhangbo team completed the paper submission work, which took only 9 days, which was much earlier than the original one month. Clear division of labor, full dispatch, new methods and new ideas, and the employment of temporary workers greatly reduce costs and increase efficiency. Zhang Bo not only gained the recognition of the owner's attitude and efficiency, but also the new method and new ideas were highly appreciated by the owners.


Half is sea water half is sun

Since serving as secretary of the marketing party branch in September 2016, Comrade Zhang Bo knows that although the "official" is not big, it has great responsibility. Whether it is as the deputy minister of the business contract department or as a grassroots party branch secretary, it is necessary to play a "master heart" role in its position. In 10 days, working 16 hours a day, the team's daily meals are mainly ramen noodles, fried rice and other fast food. After the tired work, Zhang Bo is always thinking about the mother who was hospitalized in the hospital. The mother has been hospitalized for two years. Months, Zhang Bo, who is busy with work, has not fulfilled his due responsibilities. The family's understanding and support have strengthened Zhang Bo's belief in doing his job.


In June 2017, the marketing party branch led by Zhang Bo was rated as the advanced grassroots party organization of the provincial management enterprise by the Shandong Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. As a party member, he always insisted on setting an example, taking the lead in setting a good example and always insisting on not forgetting the original heart. The road. Anyone who asks party members and cadres to do it, he must do it first; if he asks party members and cadres not to do it, he will not do it. He always cares for everyone to love the little family, for everyone to forget the small family, to integrate the deepness of the sea and the smashing of the sun, and to focus on the work without regrets or selfless dedication. This is the responsibility of the steel party spirit. It is an interpretation of great love.


Fighting hard, party members, pioneers, writing and attacking


Fighting hard, party members, pioneers, writing and attacking