Prefabricated Steel Structure School, Office Building

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Prefabricated Steel Structure School, Office Building

Advantages of a fabricated steel structure school:
1. The construction period is short and can be quickly used by schools;
2, the space is large and thin, can be divided at will, the utilization rate is increased by 6%;
3, sound insulation effect is good, reaching the school's 45 decibel sound insulation requirements;
4, high intensity, to meet school safety requirements.





Oriental Bilingual Elementary School This project has three single-units. The main body is a multi-layer assembled steel structure frame system with a total construction area of about 12,000 m2.


Shandong Provincial Agriculturalgantry Wind and Rain Playground

The wind and rain playground of the agricultural dry farm in Shandong Province adopts a steel frame system with a building area of about 7300 m2, a ground floor and a partial third floor.


Liaocheng Heyuan Building

Liaocheng Heyuan Building The main structure of the seven-story steel frame structure covers an area of 1478.72m2, with a total construction area of 9256.73m2, seven floors above ground and a building height of 31.35m.



Nigeria 4S shop project, with a building area of 4,313 m2 and 5 floors above ground; the basement is a parking lot with a steel frame structure.

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