Prefabricated Integrated House

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Prefabricated Integrated House

The green integrated house of Zhongtong Steel adopts fully bolted assembled steel structure system, and prefabricated sprayed self-insulating wall as the envelope structure, which realizes the rapid and seamless connection between steel structure and wall. It integrates solar energy system, fresh air system, sewage treatment, ground pump heat source and smart home appliances to provide customers with integrated design, processing, installation, decoration and after-sales solutions. Performance advantages: safe and reliable, fire retardant, time-saving, environmentally friendly, integrated system


Engineering case




The green integrated house model room of Zhongtong Steel Structure adopts light steel structure system and prefabricated light steel gypsum slurry wall with a total construction area of about 200m2.



The integrated villa in Australia adopts Zhongtong Steel Structure integrated housing technology, with a total construction area of about 400m2.


West Africa

West Africa Integrated Villa adopts Zhongtong Steel Structure Integrated House Complete Technology, with a total construction area of approximately 498 m2.